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Business Plans and Funding Tips

1. Venture Capital Pitch Formula

2. CrowdFunding Formula

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  1. i wanna start a small trucking business de problem is that i dont enough funding an proper business plan wich could unlock oppoturnities for my future to become succesful enterpreneur and could help promoting affirmative action by creating job opportunities 4 up an coming youth.

  2. I have a


    N G O in Ghana West Africa in a mining town.The focus of the N GO is to empowerment of economically.The NGO seeking for a reliable funding source.We have the capacity to pay back loans within one year. we are also seeking for revolving fund or circlical funding in a loan form.The benificiaries are women in kenerl oil,palm oil and shea butter oil processing and marketing societies well structured We need a comprehensive business plan to showcase the organization.The organization is called SCAN LIFE GHANA.

  3. I am an accountant and i want to start a stone crushing business in my county Bungoma Kenya but i have no funds. Can you kindly help me get some partner who can assist me start this business?
    Thanking you in advance
    Yours faithfully
    Louis Maina

  4. I want to run a cocoa farm rehabilitation program to small cocoa griwers in the area and u need to know how to write my business plan and business profile to secure funds to fund the project

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