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  1. Good day

    I’m interested in started a Import/Export trade in minerals and energy but my problem is funds for relevant training/course, business plan, business profile and trade leads sources.

    Kind regards

    Joseph MOtaung
    667 Eastern Road
    South Africa

  2. Yes, I would like to start up business but do not have capital and would like your crowdfunding formula to assist me.

    I am also involved in the fund raising of an NGO for Dropping Centre, Home Based Care and Old Age Home in the Roedan area, Limpopo Province, RSA.

  3. Dear Sir /Madam
    i have aproblem of completing this pape i need money for my business can give you my bank number thank you

  4. I have just opened up a dance studio to assist our impoverished youth with dance workshops and life skills to keep them away from gangsterism and drugs. I desperately seek funding to achieve my vision for my community and to make a difference in others life

  5. Hi! I’m interested in real estate property,construction and development,I need investors and partners who are seriously interested to invest.thanks.

  6. i am a young graduate who want to establish poultry farming business but don’t have funds i would be very grateful if you can help me out.

  7. I want to put up an institutional infrastructure for a universal learning school about God in light of the generation leap in the knowledge about the universe science and advanced technology. Together the generation should know that through approximately five billion years the Earth has been circulating the sun which is one of the stars in the universe. Also there are trillions and trillions of other stars in the universe. Also that stars die meaning that in some known future the Sun will expire with implications to the Earth an ld life here. This is where capital is required for the school where all religions will enrich knowledge for their communities and appreciate God the chief scientist and top master of tecjnolpgy. Yours Sincerely. Rwampunda Bruce

  8. I need money to start my business. effective management of our forest lands is my priority. People are encroaching on possible reserved lands for shelter. I want to restructure and give hope to my people.

  9. sir/madam
    I’m intersity to start bunisses in dairy farm but I hsave no capital and need fund from you. I have phsical disability ( I’m wheelchair user).If it is possible please send me the form and tell me what I should be. Thank you

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