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Privacy Policy

The purpose of this privacy policy is to show the observance of our users’ privacy.

Information we collect

The only information our company collects from our users is name and email address.

 Use of information

Our company collects information from our users when registering on the website. This information is used to create a better website, improve customer service and send sporadic emails. The email address provided by our users can be used to keep our users informed by sending updates or company news.

 Personally identifiable information

Personally identifiable information is not disclosed by our company or its employees to any third parties except those included in our business relations or if you give your approval. The exploitation of the users’ information can be also for marketing, customer services or administrative purposes and only to bring added value. The information might also be utilized to solve troubleshooting or disagreements.


Cookies are tiny files placed on a PC when the user visits a website. They are not harmful for the PC and actually allow the web application to respond to the user and memorize information about that user. Cookies can be declined or accepted, but, while declined, you may not take full advantage of the website’s offers.

 Site Security

Our company guarantees that this website is appropriately secured.

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