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How To Write A Hard-hitting Business Plan To Attract Investors

Your business plan is a document you can use to describe your business goals and strategies, and also as a blueprint of your financing and marketing plans. In other words, your business plan will provide you detailed information about where your company is heading and how it will get there. A business plan is critical to the success of your business.

Usually, a business plan is essential when applying for a business loan or financing. Lenders and investors need to know what you plan to accomplish and the strategies you intend to implement to achieve those goals. Your business plan will help investors and lenders determine whether or not your business is likely to become successful, based on information you provide. A company backed by a solid business plan has a better chance of obtaining loan or financing than an unimpressive plan. Executive Summary

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Create a strong summary of the business plan. This document is used to introduce your company to potential investors. Put in great effort to make the summary as clear, concise and enticing as possible. The goal of the summary is to lure the investors to into reading the full plan. Use the executive plan as your first chance to impress the investors.

Company Description
Talk about your company. Include a description of your company, where it’s located and its ownership. If your company has had any outstanding achievements, this section of the business plan is where you should include that information.

Product or Service
Provide information about the products or service you offer. Explain the benefit that your product or service provides. Show that the product or service you will be offering is better than your competitors’ offerings. In addition to mentioning the problem your product or service solves, you should also explain why solving the problem is such a top priority for your customers that they are willing to buy your product to solve the problem.

In the marketing section of the plan, provide analysis of the current market. In addition to discussing the analysis of the current market, you should also outline in details the various strategies you plan to use to exploit the market.

Next is the financial section. Investors often pay very good attention in the financial section. This is where you will get quizzed a lot should you get a meeting with them. Always give them honest answers to their questions. If you don’t know the answer to their question, tell them so and offer to find out the answer for them.

==> Download your business plan template HERE!

Introduce your management team and highlight their experiences and responsibilities. If members of your management team have impressive credentials, this is where you need to mention that. Keep in mind that having a great idea or a great technology is not a guarantee that you will obtain capital. But for investors, knowledgeable and experienced management team that is capable of executing the steps and strategies mentioned in the business plan matters a lot, and that’s what they’re looking for. Provide information about the credentials, experience and past success of each member of your management team.


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