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Learning How to Write a Professional Business Plan

A business plan will serve two vital purposes and has to be written with both in mind to ensure that it is a success. You want to create a model that you and any business partners and investors can follow as you progress. You want to lay the foundations for the road map of success, and ensure that everyone involved knows where you are heading.

Keeping your eyes focused on the future is essential, and ensuring that you have a concept and a plan is vital. However, some people are unsure of where to begin with their business plan, and find the concept daunting. You need to ensure that the business plan is professional and contains all of the relevant information that you need.

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If you are seeking investment for your business, you will need to produce a business plan that is appealing and outlines every area of the business. There should be relevant information contained relating to the financial elements of the business and how the investor would recover their investment. You want to ensure that you make the investor feel confident to place their money in your concept and dreams.

There are four main elements to every business plan, and with these you can elaborate and develop the content further. You will need a description of business, management elements, marketing strategies and financial information. There should be a summary at the beginning, which is vital to ensure that you capture the attention of the investor.

The summary must provide a strong overview of the business, and outline the concept and the products. You should also describe the investment which is needed, and how quickly the business will make a return on this money. Many investors do not read any further if they feel that the summary is weak, or does not interest them.

You want to portray your energy and passion within this section and provide the investor with a core reason to give you money for your business. The description of the business should be a detailed assessment of what you have achieved, past profits and brief financial information. You want to ensure that you end the description detailing your plans to move forward and where you see the business in the future.

Discussing the product or service is essential; however, you need to ensure that the people reading your business plan understand. Investors are typically intelligent, knowledgeable people; however, your business may not be something they have come across before. The marketing part of the business plan needs to impress, and display that you have unique ideas.

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The financial part of the business plan can be quite intense, with a huge amount of numbers to provide. Therefore, if you are not comfortable with data and numbers, you need to seek professional help. All investors will be interested in this part of your business plan, which needs to be 100% correct. You need to display the start up costs, alongside the projected revenue for the coming years and show that you understand this side of the business.


How To Create A Business Plan For Success

A business plan is an essential document that serves as a blueprint as you run your start-up or existing business. It is used to outline your plans for operating the business. The business plan describes your business goals and strategies, and provides details on how you’re going to finance the business and the marketing methods you will use. Essentially, your business plan includes detailed information about your company’s goals and how you will meet them. A sound business plan is essential to the success of your business.

Often, a business plan is required when seeking funding for a business. Lending institutions and investors want to see a well-written business plan that outlines your plans for your company – they want to know what you hope to accomplish and the specific strategies you intend to implement to achieve your goals. They will review your business plan to determine whether or not they will lend you the money you requested. Based on information you provide, they can determine if your business is likely to become profitable or if it will fail. A solid business plan will impress lenders and convince them to approve your loan request.

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When writing a business plan there are certain elements you need to include. Here are the steps to creating a good business plan.

Executive Summary
This is a summary of all the information you will provide in greater detail in the following pages. This section provides an overview of the content and goals of your business plan, discussing all the highlights. The executive summary is key if you are seeking funding as it will lure potential investors into your business.

Company Overview
Describe your company, its business model, mission, and strategy. Also discuss why and when your company was formed, and its location and ownership.

Products or Service
Here’s where you provide information about your offering, whether it’s products or services, or both. If you sell products and you are the manufacturer, discuss how and where it’s manufactured. If you are just the distributor or retailer say so. If you provide services, discuss what those services.

In this section, outline your marketing strategy, including details of your market analysis, advertising, sales, customer service, and public relations. You can use this space to discuss your vision of why your business will be successful.

In the financial section, include your balance sheet, cash flow statements for the next three years, and your projected profit and loss statements.

If creating the business plan for lenders or investors, you want to highlight the experience of your company managers and executives and explain how that will help you meet company goals. For investors, it’s important to include any impressive credentials and high accomplishments of the members of your team. If they have received MBA from a prestigious university, include that information. If they have helped build a highly successful business, also provide that information.

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After you’re done writing your business plan, carefully proofread it and correct any typos and grammatical mistakes. If you feel you lack the skill to create a good business plan, there are many resources online that can help you create an impressive business plan. There are business plan templates designed specifically for crafting effective business plans in no time. You may want to look into using those to help you create business plans that work.


Five Steps for Composing a Business Plan

Below are 5 steps for composing a successful business plan.

1. Make an Outline

Start with a standard template for a business plan. There should be 10 parts to this plan in this exact order: A. Executive Summary, B. Company Analysis, C. Industry Analysis, D. Customer Analysis, E. Competitive Analysis, F. Marketing Plan, G. Operations Plan, H. Management Team, I. Financial Plan and J. Appendix. Take what you know about each category and write it in the appropriate area. Never veer from this standard template for a business plan. Investors that way will know exactly where to read to find out the information they need.

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2. Perform Research

The majority of research that you should do will include the Customer Analysis, Competitive Analysis and Industry Analysis parts of the plan. Continue Reading…

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