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Business Plan Tips for Entrepreneurs

Before you begin to write a business plan, keep in mind that the purpose of a business plan is to make a compelling argument to a potential investor that your business is a solid investment. It should tell the reader what your business is about and how it will benefit investors in the long run.

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As you start writing your business plan, keep the following in mind:

What can your company do?

Suppose you have a plan for a new business which you envision growing into a profitable multimillion dollar company. You understand how it will work, what you’re going to need to get started, how you’ll deliver your products or services to your target market and an exit strategy via a buyout or initial public offering (IPO).
Knowing what needs to be done is half the battle; the next step is to figure out exactly what you can do towards this goal. Do you have the resources and capabilities to produce your products and services – and if you don’t, do you know how to get the resources you need? Who’s on your management team? Do they have a history of success that would make a venture capitalist interested? How about your product or service – is there a market for it? If so, is this market growing and can you pass the barriers to entry in this industry? Can you set up your own barriers to entry to keep the competition at bay? Continue Reading…

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